Buyers Introduction to Oakville, Ontario

19. April 2021 18:25

Looking for a unique suburban city with a healthy mix of adventure and relaxation? Then you may want to consider calling Oakville, Ontario home.


This quiet, mid-sized city is the perfect escape from the bustle of downtown Toronto living, all while offering residents a little bit of everything from culture and arts, to a robust sports community.


Dubbed 2018’s Best Place to Live in Canada by MoneySense Magazine, Oakville is full of places to explore and amenities to try. If you are considering moving to this beautiful little town near the water, here are few things to know about this amazing city.






Oakville comprises roughly 13 to 14 local neighborhoods, all of which have a fairly strong European influence but are flavorfully unique depending on your lifestyle and personality.


If you want to be immersed in culture and tradition, there is no better place than the historic downtown district of Old Oakville, nestled next to Lake Ontario. College Park offers easy access to shopping and public transit.


Alternatively, if a newer more modern home is more your style, consider buying around Iroquois Ridge to the south. You can often find townhomes and condominiums at a price below an average single-family home in the area.


Many Oakville neighborhoods like Morrison and East Lake offer luxury living to those seeking larger lots, sizable suites, and custom builds. Clearview, West Oak Trails, and Glenn Abbey are other popular communities to consider.


According to Zolo’s April 2021 Housing Market Report, the average sales price for a new home in Oakville is $1.5 million. While it is one of the more expensive areas to live in, it is also highly sought after as the average amount of time a property stays on the market is roughly 9 days.


Amenities and Places to Visit


Deciding where to start exploring can be difficult as Oakville offers a multitude of museums, shops, and recreational areas to visit. You can’t go wrong with a trip to the Bronte Harbour, which offers a boardwalk, marina, lighthouse, and beach park.


Looking for a relaxing night out with some friends, Cameron’s Brewing Company is a top destination for residents looking to enjoy (arguably) some of the best beer in Canada.


Get lost in Lion’s Valley or Coronation Park, both of which offer scenic trails and vistas that every outdoor enthusiast can appreciate. Not feeling active? The Oakville Museum and Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre both provide a touch of sophistication that won’t disappoint.


Don’t forget about Oakville’s 60 soccer fields, complete with a FIFA certified Soccer Club Facility, and home to the infamous Canadian Soccer League’s Blue Devils. Lacrosse, golf, and watersports are also popular among the locals.




Leveraging the strong labor market in Toronto, Oakville offers numerous employment opportunities to those in affluent professions. Common industries include software development, engineering, and healthcare. Most residents commute to neighboring urban epicenters.


Oakville’s low crime rate also makes it an attractive place to live, especially for buyers with growing families. In fact, 30% of the city residents are 19 years or younger which is higher than the national average. However, the median resident age is approximately 40 years old.


In general, the city’s overall population sits at nearly 200,000 residents with the average family median income reaching just over $100,000. Almost two thirds of residents have a college diploma.


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