How to Maintain a Swimming Pool

24. June 2021 11:19

Whether you are laying out, soaking up some rays or hosting a backyard summer barbeque, owning a home with a pool certainly has its perks.


In fact, the number of homeowners that invested in adding a swimming pool to their home went up in 2020, partially to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic1.


Some companies have experienced so much more volume that they are pushing orders into 2022 as the industry experiences a shortage of materials for installation and landscaping2.


But while having a pool is great, there is a lot that goes into maintaining one. It's especially important to make sure your pool is equipped to weather the colder months and for growing families, safety can also be a concern.


After spending days outside splashing in the water and enjoying the sun, here are the key things you should do to help maintain your pool while it's in use and during the off-season.




Check Your Primary Components


Pools have a lot of working systems that you should look over periodically throughout the year. Verifying the pumps and pipes are all in working order becomes even more important when the summer starts to taper off into fall.


As temperatures drop, pipes can freeze and damage systems. Cracks can also form that can cost you a substantial amount of money to remedy.


To help prevent major maintenance and repairs, make sure to drain the water from the heater, filter, and pump with a motorized pump or pool vacuum.


You should also clean your pool walls and floor with a pool brush and use a pool skimmer regularly (don’t forget to check the basket!). Similarly, check and clean your filtration system and replace any older filters where applicable.


Chemicals Are Your Friend


While nobody really loves that residual chlorine smell, the fact is that adding the right chemicals and solutions to your pool will help it survive the winter and last longer.


Algaecide is a tool that many pool providers recommend you add to your water before you close it down in the off-season to help prevent algae from building up. Adding other winterizing products, such as PoolTec's Winter Lay-Up Pool Treatment, will also help prevent bacteria and growth of other microorganisms.


Other enzyme products, such as Pool Perfect, can also be employed to help breakdown contaminants. Things like pollen, bird droppings, and other organic particulates can get into the water which if untreated can cause a ring to form, like a bathtub if left uncleaned for some time.


Rather than scrubbing out your entire pool every year, adding specific solutions to your pool can help reduce the amount of physical maintenance you need to perform throughout the seasons.


Lastly, it's important you maintain the right pH level throughout the year as well as periodically adding chlorine. Many homeowners make the mistake of adding too much chlorine right before winter. However, adding too much chlorine can bleach your pool liner.


Make Sure to Cover Up


One of the best ways to maintain your pool for years to come is to invest in the right pool safety cover. Make sure you get a pool cover that properly fits your pool to help prevent the accumulation of debris, bugs, and other particulates.


If your cover has cables, make sure to check these throughout the winter to make sure they are tight and secure.


An air pillow can be a great investment by protecting your pool from ice and snow damage. It can also help keep your cover secure and stable.


Additionally, keeping the pool maintained may require you to clear your cover of organic matter, such as sticks and leaves during the warmer months, and ice and snow build up during the winter.


Removing ice and snow is important otherwise your cover may stretch and become damaged. Do not use a shovel or anything with sharp edges to remove snow or else you run the risk of puncturing your cover. Instead use a broom to push snow off the cover or a leaf blower for lesser accumulation.


Leave it to the Professionals


Maintaining a pool can be a lot of work. If you are having trouble finding the time to take care of the basic upkeep or are unsure if you are taking care of all the tasks needed to properly open and close your pool for the seasons, consider hiring a professional pool maintenance company.


There is no shame in asking a professional pool maintenance company to maintain the pool especially when opening and closing the pool. In fact, this might be the best option if you only occupy the property on a seasonal basis. Just make sure you do your research and find a reputable pool maintenance company that will give it the proper tender love and care it deserves.




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